Techno-Optimist Manifesto

After reading the Techno-Optimist Manifesto, it makes me think that we use technology for everything. Technology makes us live a better and more comfortable life than how we used to do before technology. Without technology now, it would be difficult to live. Having no electricity will take a huge toll on us because, with no lights, no cellular data, or internet to keep posting on my blog would be a disaster. Technology has helped our medical field evolve with better-advanced materials and even better performance for surgery. It has helped provide surgeons with detailed preparative and being able to view the patient’s anatomy. Without Advance technology our medical field would currently be in the stone age. in addition, having technology in the medical field has had a positive impact by enabling doctors to understand and diagnose illnesses more accurately. In the film, I Am Mother, The Mother AI was allowed to create a bunker that has advanced technology that can withstand a nuclear blast with a whole nurturing system, She also had advanced technology materials to help and support anyone that was injured from the outside. I think it’s super important to have advanced technology because it will allow us to aid individuals who have suffered little to no damage. Dr. Oblivion agrees that advanced technology plays a crucial role within the medical field and allows doctors and nurses to diagnose patients more accurately and treat them more effectively. With this being said it is extremely important to keep using advanced technology because it can evolve to the point where it can help create and nurture a human.


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