AI: Character

Good afternoon, People! I made an AI Character for this ds106. I’m happy to introduce her to you guys. Her name is Dolly She’s an Art technician, which means she sees all tech as paintbrushes and palettes, tools, and media for self-expression. She was born today on Mars. She’s an independent single woman. She appears to be tall, lean with glossy black eyes surrounded with long thick lashes and long black curly hair. She’s a humbled, funny, and artistic character. Dolly enjoys watching Polar Express while eating Mexican food, her favorite color is pink, Favorite book is Dark Energy. While she lives day by day she likes to wear her favorite possession her gold necklace.

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  1. first off i want to say that your blog is sooooo cute, I love it!!

    second off, I’m so excited to meet Dolly!! I wonder if she would tell more about her golf necklace? I’m curious about the story behind it, because it feels different from the rest of her description!!

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