Re-Written: Al Film Review

Artificial intelligence enhances humanity lifestyle so much that we start to trust it with our whole life and expect to experience life even greater than before. With the help of AI it can assist mundane and repetitive tasked so we can have more free time. As well as having it to assist us in difficult situations that no human can with stand in. With the help of Dr. Oblivion, it mention that AI algorithm can use to analysis a great mass of data that can help them better understand the causes and affects of certain situations. In Addition AI drones can be sent out to see the impact that has happen to the ecosystems. With this data already in their system they can generate a better resolution for certain situations than what humans can do. The Film I am Mother is based on a extinction even, taking place in a bunker that was created with advance technology. An AI Robot named Mother grows and natures a embryo to repopulate humanity activities. The Mother AI was able to nurture a baby while being in a middle of the mass extinction, with the mass data that she was programed to understand humans it was able to raise the child as a human being. At the end of the movie, it showed that the Mother AI was having other AI robots analyzing the outside world to collect data and being able to exam the affect that the mass extinction has taken on the world.


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