Weekly Summary: wk 5

This week’s assignment was pretty easy. I enjoyed watching the videos that we were assigned and how much in-depth filming a movie is. Having the cameras move and have different angles can really change the perspective in films. I never really paid attention to the camera angles in films until now. For example, in the “Hitchcock on Editing and the Kuleshov Effect” video Mr. Hitchcock goes into depth about filming a murder scene where a lady gets murdered in the shower. He can’t show the full naked woman getting stabbed in the shower, so by films a little montage of her, like taking shots of her head getting wet by the shower head, her shadow through the shower curtain, etc. I find it interesting because creating a montage of small films can really help the audience get a grasp of what the storyline is really telling, without needing to show the full naked women. Overall, I enjoyed doing this week’s assignments.


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