Week 5: Video Essay!

In this video essay, I used an application that I already have experience with called Viedoleap. I used a scene from “The Help” The movie is focused on maids during the Civil Rights Movement in 1963. The maid that bought the pie is named Minny was unjustly fired from Hilly and wanted to seek revenge on her. In this scene, the main object between them is the pie. There are some shots that I noticed that I read in the article¬†Pressbooks, which occurred within this scene like a tracking shot where the camera moves along with the character on the screen following Minny’s Movements. Also, an eye-line match occurs when Minny is talking to Hilly about the pie and the camera switches from Minny’s face to a shot of the pie. I find it pretty interesting the more I focus on the camera movement the more I understand the perspectives.

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