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After seeing a few of my classmate’s work at the time there is not many, but enough to catch the drift. I see they have very creative designs and how detailed they are on the PSA assignments. Dolly had mixed emotions about this PSA video about “We WILL NOT BE SIlENCED”. After watching these public service announcements, noticing that there is a different story being told from others working in Aggressive Technology. She never realized how AI is having a negative impact on human individuals working for this company. After acknowledging this announcement she took time to digest the situation. In a few days, Dolly saw that there were a lot of people against Aggressive Technology on how it took over human jobs and replaced them with Artificial Intelligence. As Dolly processed what was happening and why, she realized the company was able to better their performance by 30%, With the help of Artificial intelligence taking over their job position. She starts to wonder if AI is really beneficial to humans. Once Dolly, Saw Leila’s propaganda picture, She chuckles and wonders if what that poster says, could it be true…? Dolly could not believe what she was seeing. After she watches another PSA video “Aggressive Technologies” she feels a sense of comfort that AI can still have a positive impact on humans. Still confused and lost on what to believe in, she does not know what side she’s supposed to support, she wonders how will this whole thing end.

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  1. Paul

    It’s great the way this ties several different posts together. I look forward to seeing how stories connect in the coming weeks

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