Live life with Color…

For this assignment, I created a propaganda poster that persuades the audience to live life with color and creativity. With creativity in our lives, it makes it more unique, exciting, and thrilling to live. The colors on the poster represent, a mixture of positivity, enthusiasm, calm, and freshness. Displaying those colors can catch the audience’s attention and give off the sensation of a positive message. Making people start thinking they are limitless and are able to do and think whatever they want. For example, the color yellow automatically makes you think/feel happiness and warmth. My AI character Dolly, is a creative and colorful character, she’s the type of person to bring joy and light into any environment she’s in. Such as, when she worked at Aggressive Technologies company she was able to help and assist in changing the work environment in a positive way. By helping Mr. Hydro she was able to improve the company’s performance and change the work environment the best way she could. Dolly is the type of character to bring joy and help others in need. I designed this poster in Adobe Express it was quiet easy to create I took time to see which colors would correlate with my AI character and I liked how it came out.


  1. This poster caught my eye! The colors are so great together. I love Adobe Express.

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