8 Helpful Tips to Use AI

For this assignment bank, I did 8 helpful tips on how to use AI. I decided to correlate it to our theme for this course and I also added my AI character Dolly to voice over the whole video. Since AI is and has been a big tool for anyone in any work environment such as workplaces, and schools. I thought it would be helpful to give some advice on how to use it and what not to do with AI. I used Vimeo to create the video, in the beginning, I was confused about finding the tools and fonts to add to my video and I started to play around with it, to get a sense of how this application works. Once, I was able to get adjusted to the application it was easy to create my video. It was pretty stressful at first because I was unsure of how and what to make the video about but I’m happy how the results came out. Sources: 8 Helpful Tips for Using AI…

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  1. Paul

    How was this video put together? Where did the clips come from? What was the background music? That’s the kind of information we’d like to see in the write-up.

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