Radio Show: Audience perpective..

Listening to Three Point Chatter, I find it cool to listen and learn about Leo’s life. It’s interesting hearing about other AI character’s life in our class. It’s funny to hear real-life food commercials on other radio shows. These AI Characters live their life like humans do. I like how the audience can learn these AI characters’ backstories and get to know other characters in class. I like the end of Three Point Chatter the song is catchy. As well as listening to Pop’s perspective I like how they talked about AI crossing over the movie world and how they can help movies improve. I also enjoyed how Jacob Wilson talked more in-depth about how AI can affect the marvel movies and how they quoted a line from the Marvel movie on how AI could be good or bad. It supports their idea. I find it cool that they were able to connect AI technology to the Spider-Man movie on how Andrew Garfield used it on his spider-web shooter. Overall, I enjoyed listening to our classmate’s radio show, hearing their shows and what they talk about was fun!!

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