Weekly Summary 3

This week I quite enjoyed doing the assignments, I felt like I was able to express myself more on these assignments. My favorite video that we were assigned to watch was “How Stranger Things Got Its Retro Title Sequence” I find it pretty interesting that they used a similar style to R/Greenberg Associates like how they used in the ’70s and ’80s. I find it cool that we still use stuff that was created in the ’80s for such an iconic show. As well as, watching the whole process that they created the title sequence. At first, using the AI generator I was confused about how to make the assignment but I checked out some of my classmates’ work, which was very helpful. I liked using the AI generator applications because I felt like I was able to expand my knowledge on how to work those types of applications, and what to expect. Such as using Stable Diffusion, was fun for me. I enjoyed creating an image for my character Dolly, I enjoyed being able to see her come to life.


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