Generated Art: Micheal Jackson

This week’s assignment is from Middlebury College and we were assigned to use AI generators to create images. I used two of the applications that were given to us the Stable Diffusion and Craiyon . I attempted to take this assignment slowly, to better understand it. This exercise has helped me get thinking about the implications of creating images using AI. I was attempting to make a simple and easy prompt for the AI generator to create a simple image. Which was Micheal Jackson in 2024 walking in the streets of New York. As a result, I got two very different images when both generators created this AI image. On the left side, Stable Diffusion was on point of creating what I asked for. I was expecting the AI generator to create Micheal Jackson as an elder when I asked the AI. As well as, his outfit I didn’t specify what he should be wearing. You can oblivious see by his facial structure is clear and it looks identical to Micheal Jackson. Unlike the Crayon it did not create Micheal Jackson accurately. His facial structure is off as well and his hands are not formed correctly. His fingers on his left hand are coming from both ends of his hand and his right hand seems to be meshed with something else. In addition, he has a red glowing aura background almost like the AI didn’t register the location.


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