AI: Film Review

I find it fascinating that we as humanity put so much trust in artificial intelligence that enhances our ability to have a better lifestyle. Being able to trust a robot to assist in sensitive situations, such as having an AI robot assist in the medical field that can turn on us at any second. In the movieĀ I Am Mother, I’m amazed at how an AI was able to take care of a baby and raise it so naturally in the bunker. The reason why the AI was raising a baby is because the world has gone through a extinction event. The AI was set to raise a daughter and develop a mother-and-daughter relationship. Once she got older she wanted to explore outside, but her mother said no because it’s contaminated. I was surprised because the daughter trusted the AI and thought it was true. Until a woman came up to the bunker window and pleaded for help because she was shot by a robot. She said the outside was not contaminated, it was just a robot-populated wasteland. I find it wild that she was shot by another AI, similar to the Mother AI. In the end, It was the Mother AI that created that whole extinction event, because she was convinced that humanity would destroy itself so she controlled all the robots to kill humans to prevent it from happening, and to have a fresh start with humanity again. It’s so crazy to me that all this time I thought it it was humanity that destroyed each other, but it was the mother AI. How can we trust something that has so much knowledge of us humans and it can destroys at any moment.

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  1. Sydney

    This movie sounds crazy! I definitely need to watch it now. And you’re so right; we put a lot of trust in AI. That trust could increase in the future, which is both concerning and fascinating.

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