Ravioli Radio Progress…

For this week, we had to create groups and Im glad I joined the group I have now. We all have communicated and started to have an outline for the show and started to create content for our show. We all have helped and gave tips to each other on how we better our work for our show. We all brainstormed and combined our ideas with each other so we all equally have an idea in. We also started to discussed how the show is going to be outlined and which character is going talk and discuss with the host Dr. Ravioli. In the next few days we are going to call/zoom meet to further our progress for the show. I love this group, they are so supported and passionate about this project which motivates me to also be more passionate about our work for this show.

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  1. i’m having so much fun working with you!! very excited for our final product 🙂

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