Dolly’s impact in Aggressive Technologies

Dolly has started to work in Aggressive Technologies, she’s has been excited to work for this company and wants to help the company advance in future technology in a creative way to keep it growing internationally. As soon as she started working there, she was assigned as an intern, she didn’t like the workplace environment, the building had all dark and gloomy colors with no windows anywhere to be seen. She imagined how are they all going to perform their best in this workplace that has a prison like environment. Dolly as an artist wanted to add a splash of color in this workplace. Once she was assigned to assist a financial investor, Mr. Hydro, she saw how tired and miserable he appeared working at his desk. Stacks upon stacks of paper everywhere around him, snack wrappers around him, and balls of paper on the ground. Dolly was determined to help him in any way she could. Dolly started by cleaning around his work area and was able to acquire a desk for herself to put next to him to be there whenever he needed her assistance. Mr. Hydro was behind on some reports, so Dolly helped Mr. Hydro with the next upcoming report. The following week, Dolly and Mr. Hydro worked after hours. Mr. Hydro liked her positive personality and her creativity on reports he wanted to make her his official assistant. Weeks passed, and Dolly had a positive impact on the company and was able to change the work environment into a more suitable place, by changing the environment and adding color into the work area she was able to help the company improve their performance by 30%. Causing them collaborate with other technical companies. With Dolly’s optimistic and positive personality, she was able to have a powerful impact on the company.


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