Video Project…

For this video project, I was able to use Wav2lip to add the audio of my AI character making a Public Service Announcement in 60-70s video graphics. The video is supposed to be a PSA televising that we found an old film that could change how the human race is going to think about Artificial intelligence. At first, I was having trouble on how to upload the video through my files but Sarah’s instructions that she posted helped me a lot!! I’m glad that I was able to use that application because I’ve been wanting to create a video with it since we were first assigned to use it.


  1. Peter Leese

    I like how your video turned out! How did you think of this idea? Also, what website did you utilize for the AI voiceoverl? I thought it sounded great.

  2. Latifah Lee

    You did such a awesome job! I also want to ask what website you used for the AI voiceover?

  3. Robin

    This turned out great! Thanks for some inspiration for my own video 🙂

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