This week has been overwhelming for me. I was excited to start with classes and start to have a routine. I was able to learn how to set up a domain account it was pretty easy until I got to create my blog page. It was harder than I expected. Once I downloaded the application I was playing around with the tools to get familiar with the site, I found it pretty cool to create my own blog page. I enjoyed picking the color and the theme of my blog page to show more of my personality. What drove me crazy was how I didn’t know how to continue forward after. Until I got help from my professor which helped me so much.


This week has been chaotic for me because when I first viewed the assignment, I got stressed out with 5 pages on the doc. As I started working on it through the week, it became easier, The Assignment Bank was a little confusing at first but I got the hang of doing the assignments. I liked the assignment where I had to build my participation and comment on more people’s blogs. Seeing other students’ blogs was cool because I felt like I was able to see the student’s personalities through their blogs. As well as customizing my own blog I enjoyed customizing it to show more of my personality. I also enjoyed doing the Daily Creative assignments, because they pushed me to be more creative throughout this week. I also liked having the meeting with the professor because it allowed to me build a stronger connection through this online course. Usually taking an online course doesn’t really allow you to create a connection with your professors.

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