Weekly Summary:wk 4

This week assignments was fun for me, I enjoyed creating audio clips and the sound effect story was probably my favorite assignment. I was glad that I was able to expand my knowledge on sounds and how they really have a big impact on how we envision the stories within our minds. I loved when we tuned in on Monday for our radio show I was able to watch the story display in my mind. Our class radio show, played “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” it was about a post-apocalyptic San Francisco after a nuclear war. During the story you could really vision where they are by the background noises. Such as, having a humming ventilator in the background and by the way the chacters voices echo it sounded like they were in a small room. With the Radio Bumper I was able to create a radio audio clip and I used an ai voice generator and used some free music audio clips to add it all together and I loved how my results came back.


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