Weekly Summary: Wk 7

For this week’s assignments, it was quite joyful for me to create the propaganda poster and the PSA audio clip. Since we had to connect it to our AI characters I tried to put my AI character’s point of view in both assignments. With my propaganda poster, I try to make it more seeing through her eyes and since she’s an artist she tries to persuade people to live life with creativity and to feel limitless. With the colors on my poster, I tried to use colors that seemed joyful and to make people do a double take. With the PSA assignment, I also tried to make it a positive announcement about AI and how it can help us to better our work performance or even create an AI friend. During this I was thinking of how we always carry an AI with us all the time, For instance, Siri has helped us through a ton of situations. Such as spelling words, checking the weather, or even asking about today’s news. I had fun stepping into my AI character’s shoes to see her point of view and see her develop in our class. This was a fun week! 🙂


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