Reflections: Designthoughts

I find it interesting that books, art, and film use certain colors and words to express the certain situation they want to display to the audience. The color schemes are a big part of advertising, to increase the movie-goers to go watch it in theaters. For instance, James Verdesoto is a movie poster artist and has been doing it for over 30 years. In the video, he talks about the colors on certain posters that can target and influence the audience to watch that movie. Such as the Red and White scheme is a trend that is traditionally used to market comedies to a mainstream audience. The white background is to get the audience to focus on the action that is happening in the main photograph. Making the viewer engage with the poster as they receive little background information from the movie. It looks professionally taken within a studio. Using specific clothing colors, objects, and negative white spaces to make the viewer understand the message that is being sent by the poster. With a frame around the poster and an object coming outside of the frame, gives the illusion that the action is coming out. Another example of color that is used as a Thriller poster is the color blue. Displaying blue and yellow shows more action. As well as, technological film shows more blue yellow and green. this trend started to become popular from the John Grisham novels in the 90s. I find it really interesting that there is a lot of thought process and time spent on creating a poster to target the audience that enjoys certain types of films.

The Stranger Things introduction is an amazing intro for the show. It fits perfectly with the show. Imaginary Forces took their time to create the intro to make it feel original and it only matched with the show. The font is called ITC Benguiat, created in 1978 by a jazz percussionist-turned-designer named Ed Benguiat. This typeface was used in books in the ’80s- ’90s such as “Choose Your Own Adventure” and the Smiths album “Strangeways”  I find it really cool that they use the imperfections of the letters, to recreate that gritty look. They used Kodaliths which is an old film format that produces a really high contrast on the images. To give off an original feeling of its from that time period.


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