Ideas for Upcoming Radio Show..

For this upcoming Radio Show, I’m excited to come up with ideas and collaborate with more students on this assignment. Since we have to correlate our Radio Show with the theme of the course, I thought of discussing how AI is becoming an everyday accessory in our daily lifestyle. before starting this course, I used to use a few AI applications such as, Siri asking questions about the weather, etc. Once I started this course, I started to use a lot more AI applications every day. I believe it has helped me expand my knowledge of how AI can assist in any type of situation. As well as, helping in the real world, such as creating a better work environment for some individuals. It can also help students on checking if they did their assignments correctly or give them ideas for certain projects. AI has had a major impact on the digitalization of society. For instance, it can generate special effects for movies, automate tasks, or even being able to create films, without needing a whole production team. Overall, the impact of AI is exciting and challenging because it has given us the chance to evolve the way we work, interact with technology, and communicate with others.

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