ds 106radio: Android Dream of Electric Sheep?

While listening to the ds106radio I found it interesting to listen to the story ” Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep?” it was about a post-apocalyptic San Francisco, after a nuclear war. The main character Rick Deckard a bounty hunter who has to kill six androids that have escaped. When I tuned in I could already vividly see their setting almost like they are in a futuristic office-like building with the back ground noise of a computer humming and the doors sliding open and close. While Rick was walking into the building you could hear Rachel the android come closer to him by her heel pumps echoing throughout the hall. The background noise sets the mood for the scene of what is happening. The humming is similar to an old camera rolling while it’s playing the film. Rachel almost sounds like an artificial intelligence android. Apparently, Rachel is an artificial intelligence but she believes she is human and not an android because of how the exam went she did not set off any warning singles, that display she is an android. After they made Rachel take that exam. Captain Bryant and Rick had a conversation, I heard slight signs as if it was in real life. While Rick is talking with another person, you can hear the small echoes that make you think they are in a small empty room. This whole story sounds like a futuristic environment with old technology. With the background noises, including playing music from the ’60s. …Fast forward into the story it sounds like they are in a nightclub-type bar, with people talking, clapping, laughing, and with Ms. Love an actor is performing a jazz song. After he takes Ms. Love to the back to make her take the exam to prove that she is human she is hesitant to take the exam but Ms. Love was able to push the panic button on time for the police to arrive and take Rick. I enjoyed listening to the radio tonight, I was able to relax and almost watch the movie unravel in my mind.


  1. Paul

    “Almost watch the movie unravel in my mind” is a great way of putting it. I think most of us underestimate the power of sound, unlesss we actively focus our attention on it. That’s where exercises like this pay off.

  2. What a great descriptive summary of the story! I thought the lady was named, Ms. Loft, ha. That’s why I made the comment, during Monday’s show, that I believe loft is a fiber that comes from sheep.

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